YouTube Channels that Might Interest You

I was asked recently what youtube channels I subscribe to, so here is the list of those which I think are worthy of your support!:

  • AntiWarRadio
  • BenSwann
  • BigThink
  • BobMurphyAnCap
  • CatoInstituteVideo
  • ForaTV
  • FPSRussia
  • HeritageFoundation
  • HooverInstitution
  • KhanAcademy
  • LarkenRose
  • LearnLiberty
  • LibertarianismDotOrg
  • LibertyInOurTime
  • MisesMedia
  • ReasonTV
  • RonPaul
  • RTAmerica
  • RussiaToday
  • SchiffReport
  • Stefbot
  • TheOnion
  • TokenLibertarianGirl
  • ViHart
  • WordOnFireVideo


Walmart: Two Perspectives.

Okay, three. All the hubbub this weekend over Black Friday shopping centered on Walmart. Many who don’t understand why cheap labor is important fail to see how low prices are good for the poor most of all. John Stossel: Meanwhile, Walmart IS bad, but not for the reasons you’d think. Penn & Teller explain a…