In Pursuit of Virtue – Fall Is Coming Edition

Things floating around in these present times… “>”Food insecurity” isn’t an ongoing concern in the United States, as leftist hand-wringers claim. The methodology (not to mention special interested) that drove the study were flawed. A not-so-funny joke in our government: The Army, given $4.3 billion to track spending, can’t track spending. Psychopaths have bad sniffers.…


Bring These Words Back!

1. Ultracrepidarian (n):”Somebody who gives opinions on subjects they know nothing about.” Example: Too many ultracrepidarians discuss the conflict in Syria. 2. Snollygoster (n): “a shrewed, unprincipled person, especially a politician.” Example: Many consider Chris Christie a snollygoster after the Bridgegate scandal. 3. Zwodder (n): “a drowsy and stupid state of body or mind.” Example:…