Relativism as Hypocrisy

NAILED IT!: [I]f you are someone interested in righting wrongs and seeing justice done, you might want to think twice about being a philosophical skeptic, i.e. someone who believes that “we all have our own truth,” and that there is no objective truth. Why? Well, if there is no truth, no objective reality independent of…


Ten Key Elements of Economics – Part II, Vol. II

Continuing the series I started three weeks ago, here are points four through seven in part two of the Ten Key Elements of Economics series: 4. An Efficient Capital Market: If a Nation is Going to Realize Its Potential, It Must Have a Mechanism Capable of Allocating Capital into Wealth-Creating Projects CONSUMPTION IS THE GOAL…

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“I’m having trouble understanding why so many ideologically driven folks seem really not to *want* to understand the beliefs that other people hold. It would appear to me that if you have confidence in your own beliefs, you would wish to spread those beliefs effectively, and a refined comprehension of the complexities of opposing opinions…