Left and Right Agree: Mitt Is Barack Is Mitt Is Barack Is Mitt…

Soros the Hungarian Snake knows it:

Judge Napolitano knows it:

The good Judge (whose show is being cancelled for what many think is ideological differences with Fox) makes an even deeper point – left is right is left is right…:

Doubling Up

I posted a Greenwald column yesterday, but this one is too rich to ignore. Greenwald notes in yesterday’s column that Progressives have mastered hypocrisy and very few have seemed to notice: Indeed: is there even a single liberal pundit, blogger or commentator who would have defended George Bush and Dick Cheney if they (rather than…


What I Get for Being Lazy

A common SNV reader posted this link yesterday, one that I have been holding onto for a blog post for a few days. As he noted, disturbing is the very least of descriptors that can apply to the Obama Administration’s defense of justification-free killing of American citizens abroad. When power is such that scruples no…