Things Worth Discussing

At the top of the list is TSA’s new pat-down/body-scan procedures. So many possible things to post, but a few struck my fancy.  At GetReligion, one author notes that the new procedures could pit religious freedom against our seeking “safety,” which I would not have thought about before examining them in light of the 4th…


Political Disillusionment

The whole political scene right now makes me want to pull out all of the little hairs on my head. I haven’t posted much lately, because there isn’t one enemy of thought and freedom out there that I can put my finger on – the whole establishment is capricious and personally power-seeking. And things probably…


Youtube Politics

Who will watch the Watchmen? Only us…:

NeoRacism and forced tolerance:

Each and every example of this has a relevant related news story or legal case associated with it. Sigh…

The First Amendment is shrinking, says John Stossel:

The best recent thing for libertarians? Obama: