In Pursuit of Virtue – April Edition, Vol. II

Let’s see, let’s see… The media states the obvious, albeit after months: The inflation rate is more like 10% than the numbers the gov’t has been giving of late. The media misses a lot of things, though, as we all know. Some of these may be petty or conspiratorial, but others are huge: what the…


Dolan on the Gospel of Life

On January 24, Archbishop Dolan, crusader for what is right and true, gave remarks at a law school, some of which I thought might be shared here… The title assigned me — Law and the Gospel of Life — obviously has in mind the masterful encyclical of Blessed John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, the Gospel…


Abe Lincoln, the Scoundrel

Americans deify their presidents almost as fully as North Koreans. The most sacred of all presidents, he who you must not criticize because he is single-handedly responsible for ending slavery worldwide and saving the life of every black person ever to exist, is Abraham Lincoln. Or so American-colored history tells us. In the non-patriotarded version…