In Pursuit of Virtue – January Edition

Here are a few articles I have collected that are worthy of a click’n’read (I added a few sites in “Links” as well)… Time, yet again for the annual story I have posted for three years around this time: Army says “no more tanks”; Congress says “Oh, you’re gonna have more tanks, all right.” We…


Kafka’s “The Trial” Is Our Reality

An amazing and prescient column appeared yesterday on several outlets, originally posted here. I would highly recommend, if you have not read or seen Kafka’s The Trial, to do so. In the meantime, here is a taste: There is a certain level of dishonesty in the common study of history. We look back at the…


Revealing Public Debt & Trade Deficit

Last week on ZH, a column noted what the truth of our $222 trillion unfunded liabilities + debt really means. I have never heard it put so eloquently as this: If the end of history were at hand, the dollar, the Fed and federal finances would have nothing to worry about. But between history and…


The Cost of the Warfare State – Melman

Tom Woods is known for many things, among them breaking down the absurd costs of our government in his book Meltdown. In his tribute to leftist economist Seymour Melman, Woods explains the cost of the U.S. war machine. I highly recommend anyone who has the time read the paper, found here.

Momentum Drives What We Like

I have thought for a long time that momentum drives the support of the population. Whether it be a political candidate, a popular song, a philosophical principle, or a restaurant, once momentum is achieved, people will glom onto a cause merely because others like it. We obviously see this in the political arena (Obama’s 39%…