Tu ne Cede Malis, sed Contra Audentior Ito

As you can imagine, the Obamacare fiasco isn’t the best news I have heard today. There is not much to say about it that has not already been said on Facebooks, but a few commentators have (as usual) said it better than most. A poignant reflection, at EPJ, focuses on the most important implication of…


Clearing My Desktop

Here are all of the things I have been meaning to post but have not yet had the time… If the face is the window to the conscious mind, a few psychologists have cracked the code. Sylvan S. Tomkins and Paul Ekman spent years decoding the face, and deduced far more about human emotion made…


Not Enough Morality from the Conservatives

I would venture to bet that you think that the right is the moralist side of the political debate. I disagree. Americal Leftists have claimed the high ground in public policy, appealing to egalitarianism, environmentalism, and risk-aversion, in which moral positions are expressed but widely denied as having anything to do with “morality.” Conservatives, on…


Keynesianism & the Green Movement Seek to Stack Bodies

Question: When you enter a moral universe where your scruples are blunted enough to pursue some dubious end by any number of questionable means, what prevents you, as a Keynesian economist or politician, from seeing people killed to boost your economy? Answer: Not much. As a sidenote, if you head over to Paul Krugman’s blog,…