Debts and Deficits

Roger Garrison walks us through the economics of debts and deficits in your lecture of the week this week. Which is better – a tax or a deficit?


Adding to the discussion is Bob Wenzel of EPJ, who explains why overspending and the monetizing of debt leads to the boom-bust cycle:

The Stupidest Thing I Have Heard in Years

I plunge the depth of the interwebs for information, argumentation, and insights. You can imagine that I run into some pretty “special” arguments and beliefs out there. This one takes the cake for at least a few years (but perhaps ever)… “Economists” are calling for a solution to the debt crisis & ceiling by the…


In Pursuit of Virtue – 2013 Edition

Back to work! My recent big vacation from most of life but working on the new condo means I have avoided blogging and emails like the plague. Here are some things I have collected as of late… The NYT Ministry of Propaganda is now openly advocating abandoning the Constitution. The writer is a constitutional law…


In Pursuit of Virtue – End of the World Edition

Is it a sin to go to confession in anticipation of the pagan end of the world on the 21st? Time for some soul-searching on the issues, as usual… Judge Bork died this morning, and may he rest in peace. Bork was a Catholic as of 2003, after leading a very distinguished life as a…