Spending for the Now and Not Thinking about the Future

Tom Sowell had a great column this week about the current administration’s spending policies and how foolish they are: Rumors of Congressional Democrats privately expressing disapproval of the Obama administration’s actions and policies have been given more credence by such things as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s public criticism of White House spokesman Robert Gibbs. But…


Your [Bi-? Tri-?] Weekly Small Government/ PSA

Mostly from my favorite three dudes, in order from favorite to almost favorite… Milton Friedman on free market exchange:Still got a man crush. Tom Sowell on judicial activism and the problems it poses:Agreed. Brennan, Marshall, and Warren (and Douglas also) have been responsible for massive socioeconomic and criminal problems in this country due to this…


Political Vids

Liberty & Economics: A Reflection on Ludwig von Mises:

My least favorite political commentator, Glenn Beck, on one of my favorite economists, Fredrich Hayek and his The Road to Serfdom: