In Pursuit of Virtue – Fall Is Coming Edition

Things floating around in these present times… “>”Food insecurity” isn’t an ongoing concern in the United States, as leftist hand-wringers claim. The methodology (not to mention special interested) that drove the study were flawed. A not-so-funny joke in our government: The Army, given $4.3 billion to track spending, can’t track spending. Psychopaths have bad sniffers.…


The Fed Models Failure

The U.S. financial system faces a major, growing, and much under-appreciated threat from the Federal Reserve’s risk modeling agenda—the “Fed stress tests.” These were intended to make the financial system safe but instead create the potential for a new systemic financial crisis. The principal purpose of these models is to determine banks’ regulatory capital requirements—the…


The Anatomy of a Policed People

As the military industrial complex churns on and on without a major international engagement to supply, the question of demand inevitably arises. Keynesian spending can only help the economy if there are buyers for the new goods no one asked for. The solution for the military industrial complex became law enforcement. Since the war on…