Blood Money

War prosperity is like the prosperity that an earthquake or a plague brings. – Mises Many Americans, lay and economic professionals, believe that war is good for the economy. Here we have a circumstance in which people believe that on one hand, war is good (because it helps the economy), while on the other, it…


Multiplier Effect THIS!

Study: Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been wholly bad for the economy. Mainstream economics, that posits that for every government dollar spent the effect will be as if several dollars have been spent, cannot account for this study’s results. But common sense can. When you spend money and resources building a $2 million missile…


In Pursuit of Virtue – January Edition, Vol. II

ALL THE THINGS!: I’ve never been big on sports, but I can’t quite understand why people hate Tim Tebow so much. Scratch that, I think it is the realm of those who like to sling mud on Christianity in the first place, because to me, the guy sounds incredible. Here is what the hype is…