What the Government Wants, It Will Eventually Get

It took me almost 26 years, but I learned yesterday after hearing about CISPA, the replacement for SOPA, that it is only a matter of time, when the government sets its sights on regulating or controlling something, until the thing will be controlled. This one is worse, and has recieved almost no attention yet… The…


Curses on the House of the Bernank

Scrutiny of the Federal Reserve has been steadily increasing since Ron Paul started talking about the closing of the gold window in 1973. Though there is little chance that Paul will win any forthcoming candidacies, his legacy as the man who single-handedly brought the Federal Reserve into the light (the best disinfectant) is unmatched by…

Senior woman counting savings money.

Malthusian Myth Still Damages Our Economy

The idea that the world is overpopulated has always had a ring of eugenics and hypocrisy to me. If Malthusians believed their own rhetoric, as Walter Block notes, the problem would solve itself in Darwinian fashion: Even its advocates do not take it seriously. If one were seriously worried about overpopulation, the advocate of that…


But… but… but… We NEED Government!!!!

“It’s more moral!” they say. “It does what individuals can’t!” they say. “Without it, everyone would kill or exploit each other!” they say. It isn’t true, I say. Study: The Hobbesian narrative is hogwash, and though men live in sin day-to-day, they do not need guns pointed at them to act well toward each other.…