Left and Right Agree: Mitt Is Barack Is Mitt Is Barack Is Mitt…

Soros the Hungarian Snake knows it:

Judge Napolitano knows it:

The good Judge (whose show is being cancelled for what many think is ideological differences with Fox) makes an even deeper point – left is right is left is right…:

In Pursuit of Virtue – February Edition

In the past few weeks, some things you might have missed… The unemployment numbers are all falsified and manipulated, and will continue to be until Obama is re-elected, and the public will be none-the-wiser. It is all illusions and lies, magic-wanded to keep public opinion high and the truth low. Did you think politicians stopped…


It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong

The above is the title of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s book that examines the role of personal freedom in a society where the government often punishes people for good or neutral behaviors. Watching the Fast and Furious hearings today, it strikes me that Eric Holder will never face the justice he deserves, despite his office being…