In Pursuit of Virtue – I Should Be Studying Edition

 Just took three Common Law Contracts tests for practice, and I need a break to sound off for a second… Obama says it is time to eat our peas. They are careful with their metaphors, but this one says a lot. Wouldn’t the government love to think that they are our parents and can tell…


In Pursuit of Virtue – [Short] July Edition

Finally a weekend! Here it goes: Being pro-life is not limited to protecting the unborn, Conservatives. If you haven’t done so in a while, head over to the debt clock. Still wanna say that we shouldn’t cut anything? Europe: putting the coercive nature of government in the hands of the average government worker since the…


State or Private Law Society

by Hans Hermann Hoppe: Alone on his island, Robinson Crusoe can do whatever he pleases. For him, the question concerning rules of orderly human conduct – social cooperation – simply does not arise. This question can only arise once a second person, Friday, arrives on the island. Yet even then, the question remains largely irrelevant…


As Promised

Here is some more Tom Woods, discussing drug legalization and the economic waste and danger to persons it poses:

With an on-the-ground approach, Glenn Greenwald explains how the decriminalization of drugs in Portugal has gone: