Logic, Skepticism, & Abortion

Peter Kreeft’s lectures are bar-none, the best Catholic commentaries on each of their topics out there. He is witty, intelligent, and encompassing. I believe most of them can be found on iTunes, or at I stumbled across a summary of the points of one of the lectures, called The Apple Argument Against Abortion, that…


The Heresy of Feminism

Where feminism teaches that Men and women tend to behave differently because of social conditioning, not because there are innate biological and psychological differences between them. The chief reason women have been less often represented in the first ranks of public achievement in scholarship, the arts, politics, and war, is that in every human society…


St. Valentine’s Day

It wasn’t originally about love, but that’s what today has become. Wikipedia has a shoddy version of C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves, which is an incredible book on the topic. If you get a chance today, head over there and try to wrap your brain around the 6 types they list: Eros – a passionate…