A Chance to Do Good

It costs $3,250 to dig a well in Somalia to provide drinking water to 600 people and their livestock. One Tomahawk missile costs $1,450,000. For every Tomahawk fired, the US can provide safe drinking water to 1/4 million dying Somalians. (And to think that we will be in Afghanistan until 2024, firing Tomahawks as we…


Progressivism Is Totalitarian

Progressive ideals require government enforcement of several notions that oppose human nature. For example, equality (meaning “sameness” in leftist circles) requires the coercive hindering of some and the unnatural aid of others. Erasing economic disparity requires taking money by force from a person who worked to earn it and giving it to someone else. Government…


Brainspill – Keynesianism, Time Preference, & Morality

I have a few semi-disconnected thoughts that have been stirring around in my head that I have alluded to in past post and have arisen as a response to Democracy: The God that Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. This book is unspeakably important, but more on that in a bit… Generally, Democrats/Leftists who know anything about…



Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.

– Voltaire