Hoppe on Marx

Hans-Hermann Hoppe is an anarcho-capitalist philosopher known for his refutations of democratic values and his use of axiomatic thinking in attempts to prove that freedom is the best option or only feasibility for human beings. Some of his work can be found in the Links and Meet Me Halfway sections of SNV (see the title…


Bat(-Sh*t) C[onsciousness]

This week’s Switch involved a reflection on our reliance upon sensory information and logic as immediate. The mystery of this operation involves an even more puzzling phenomenon – one I believe science will never solve. Consciousness is difficult because we only have one pane through which we may see the world, and attempts to confine…



Relying on one’s vision and relying on one’s reason are similar in one respect: in both cases, the reliance is immediate. When I see a tree, I do not infer its existence from my experience any more than I infer the correctness of a logical inference from the fact that I can’t help believing the…