The Nature of Police

The main intellectual defense of maintaining a public police force is the Hobbesian “if we didn’t have them there would be no one to protect us from the brutal nature of man.” The problem is, in reality, public police do nothing of the sort. They exist for two reasons: [Police] rarely, if ever, prevent a…


Watch the Watchmen

At least, partially. While the police state grows and the police find all manner of methods of watching the people, in addition to people filming police even where it is illegal, I think we will see more sites like this one popping up. Cops Shooting People keeps track of who is being shot where by…


Police State Checkpoints

Here is round two, a followup of a post from a few days ago showing nonviolent resistance to the AZ checkpoint system. These checkpoints are not constitutional, but it no longer matters unless we stand up for our rights. The shock of the bully officer that is outraged at not being able to intimidate this…