I love this pic of the Chiquita Banana lady: The Art of the Week this week is my favorite Existential/Theological Art of all time… + Two roads diverged in a yellow woodand sorry I could not travel bothAnd be one traveller, long I stoodand looked down one as far as I couldto where it bent…


Sidepane Switch

Now and then it occurs to one to reflect upon what slender threads of accident depend the most important circumstances of his life; to look back and shudder, realizing how close to the edge of nothingness his being has come.
– Upton Sinclair


Quotes & Art Shuffled

We despise and abhor the bully, the brawler, the oppressor, whether in private or public life, but we despise no less the coward and the voluptuary. No man is worth calling a man who will not fight rather than submit to infamy or see those that are dear to him suffer wrong. – Theodore Roosevelt…