Progressive Church

Pick and choose what you believe; It really doesn’t matter as long as it makes you feel good!:

This also applies to other aspects of life. Don’t worry about reality or facts. What really matters is feeling good about yourself and your benevolent beliefs.

This Is Stupid

My Dad sent me this trailer, because he knew it would tick me off: In this country, if we are to live fully free, what is the proper deference should be given to religious symbols in public? Practically, the Lemon test is what the Supreme Court uses. Personally, I believe precisely what the First Amendment…


Beware the Dangers of Political Busybodies

An article posted on InsideCatholic today examines the ability of politicians to hold one stance personally while holding another publicly, for example those who are personally against abortion but believe people should have a choice: It is common for Catholic politicians to say that they are personally opposed to abortion, but that they must accept…