Melissa and Bodie

Requiescat in Pace

Sweet Melissa. May the angels guide you home and let that youthful spirit run wild down streets of gold! On terms of theodicy for my own mind, there is no good explanation for things like this. Some gifts are given to the world for a transient time and then taken out abruptly. God has some…


In Pursuit of Virtue – End of the World Edition

Is it a sin to go to confession in anticipation of the pagan end of the world on the 21st? Time for some soul-searching on the issues, as usual… Judge Bork died this morning, and may he rest in peace. Bork was a Catholic as of 2003, after leading a very distinguished life as a…



to one of the more gifted musicians of this era. I have a list of four people I NEED to see in concert before I die, and Amy Winehouse was number one. Cross that off the list… She was found dead in her apartment in London today. This is why you don’t do drugs, kids.Sad.…