Rest in Peace Rule of Law

Rule of Law is the idea that everyone in a particular society is bound by the standards established as law. In a Rule of Law system, every person is liable for a breach of the laws, including the leaders, the rich, or the otherwise powerful. Additionally, no authority can supersede the law and charge a…


In Pursuit of Virtue – May Edition, Volume II

A few things I missed since the other day before I check out of this baby for some good study time for the bar… As a nation, our morality has been perverted severely, with our acceptance of political assassinations, preemptive war, and torture. If you think the economic crisis is over, think over these 20…



Truth is treason in the empire of lies.
– Ron Paul

In Pursuit of Virtue – 03/21/11 Edition

Why do I get the feeling that I am singing the same old tune all of the time…? Last week, a prediction of mine came closer to being true, where the federal government extends itself beyond the 4th Amendment into the realm of civil law, by seeking a law whereby a person infringing copyright can…