Having Children Is Immoral

From our “alternative perspectives” tag… Antinatalism: since children can’t consent to being born, it’s unethical to impose life (give birth) in a world in which the potential for great suffering exists. Having children means gambling with the welfare of someone else. It means conducting Frankenstein experiments you can’t control in which someone else pays the…


Value Beyond Attractiveness

What is it like to be an unattractive woman? A Reddit user explains (and should make you ponder how you treat people!): you’re basically completely ignored. in a lot of situations, it’s fine: honestly, I don’t know how my more attractive friends deal with the onslaught of unwanted attention. people are always approaching them like…


The Corruption of Intelligent & Good Ideology by Mainstreamage

Or A Theory as to Why Sidelined Thinkers Are the Ones You Should Read; Or Why Schoolbook Learnin’ Ain’t Doin’ You No Favors; Or Isn’t this Just Intellectual Misanthropy?; Or Laziness & Intellectual Reverse-Darwinism. Note: By “ideology,” I mean a system of beliefs or knowledge. Let’s go for the biggest sweeping generalization we can about…