Fields of Giants

You likely know a football player or two who played in college or professionally. If they are from an older generation, they might be tall or large, but changes are they are not hugely so. Today’s players, on the other hand, are gigantic. Check out this data set I wish I could embed on my…


In Pursuit of Virtue – January Edition, Vol. II

ALL THE THINGS!: I’ve never been big on sports, but I can’t quite understand why people hate Tim Tebow so much. Scratch that, I think it is the realm of those who like to sling mud on Christianity in the first place, because to me, the guy sounds incredible. Here is what the hype is…


3 Random Videos

Let’s get these out of the “Blog” folder on my desktop… Helicopter fishing: America’s secret weapon is still immigrants: The placebo effect weirdness will rock your socks off:(I have always thought the placebo effect is more present in society than we realize. Acupuncture, homeopathy, etc., I am looking at you…) Copyrighted under Creative Commons for…