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Wiki Wednesday – Via Negativa

Apophatic theology: Apophatic theology (from Ancient Greek: ἀπόφασις, from ἀπόφημι – apophēmi, “to deny”)—also known as negative theology, via negativa or via negationis (Latin for “negative way” or “by way of denial”)—is a theology that attempts to describe God, the Divine Good, by negation, to speak only in terms of what may not be said…


In Pursuit of Virtue – May Edition

Things from all over… 81.5% of Money Created through Quantitative Easing Is Sitting There Gathering Dust … Instead of Helping the Economy. and QE isn’t working!!! Mass shootings have an ever-clearer link, not to videogames or gun ownership, but to pharmaceutical drugs. Terrifying. Elizabeth Warren has no clue what she is meddling with, economically speaking.…