Weekly Reflection – A Tinkerbell God?

Let’s try to refocus this thing. If we are to find virtue, it will be a positive taking, not the mere avoiding of governmental and political vice that is so often the topic of SNV posts. I hope that I can find the time and subject matter to do a reflection every Sunday, and this…


The Last (Non)Book of the Bible

Sometimes, I have my doubts about the numenous content of the bible. And I don’t mean about its truth, I mean about its potency. The phenomenal aspects of the lives of the prophets and other biblical subjects are very important as parallels and examples to our own lives, but the fantastical aspects of the bible…


The ÜberPresident Cedes No Power

I have been reading more and more of and about J. R. R. Tolkien these days, and it is becoming clear that the man is exactly the role model I want to move toward for the rest of my life. There is little else that needs to be said about the man other than the…