The Atheist God-of-the-Gaps

In recent discussions about naturalism and evolution, I find this short post to be so true: The Christian theist is often accused of arguing for the “God of the Gaps” when invoking God as an explanation. It’s important to understand that this is actually a complete misrepresentation of what the theist should be arguing. Theists…


God Is Self-Evident

Among the arguments for God, we have: Kalam Cosmological Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism The existence of beauty, objective morality, and mathematical realism The moral and extratemporal senses of human beings Teleological argument from design (fine tuning) Quantum & interdimensional physics The experience of consciousness & Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem The historical person of Jesus Christ The historical…


In Pursuit of Virtue – March Edition

Gather your brain cells for contemplation on the following… Help: Any thoughts on whether this is true about microwaves? We live in one of the greatest periods in history, thanks to the progress of medicine and luxury. You can thank the free market for most of these things! Government redistribution happens, all right. Old people…