Your [Bi-? Tri-?] Weekly Small Government/ PSA

Mostly from my favorite three dudes, in order from favorite to almost favorite… Milton Friedman on free market exchange:Still got a man crush. Tom Sowell on judicial activism and the problems it poses:Agreed. Brennan, Marshall, and Warren (and Douglas also) have been responsible for massive socioeconomic and criminal problems in this country due to this…


Sunday Song

I am always busy these days, gimme a break!

Mumford & Sons – Roll Away Your Stone

Everything Else I Just Found

Obama sucks, according to the country. Weird psychology with shapes and linguistics. We might have already invented wireless power if we listened to Nikola Tesla… Happiness, the brain, motivation, drug use, and so many other things covered in this little article. Oh the implications… Night owls are the smartest. Uh-oh, they don’t have a time…