Not TED But Close…

+ Spank your kids!: [A recent] study asked teens how old they were when their last spanking occurred, and how often they would get spanked as a child. That was cross-referenced against the data on bad outcomes we might fear spanking could lead to years later: antisocial behavior, early sexual activity, physical violence, and depression.…


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Gillespie on the peskiness of government intervention in morality:

How to Report the News… (language):

Man the tone of voice reporters use is annoying. Quit with those intonations every sentence!!!

Friday, Finally

The future of growing organs: + When you want to convince someone of something, abstract language is best: When consumers talk to each other about products, they generally respond more favorably to abstract language than concrete descriptions, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. “In a series of experiments, we explored…