Time Is Money

THIS LOOKS AWESOME! And thought-provoking in all sorts of economic, metaphysical, and political ways…

I’m seeing it.

Praxgirl, Part III

Here, Praxgirl starts to develop the idea of volition within the methodology of praxeology (human action): I’m still in love. Additionally, I found a new link for “Meet Me Halfway,” in a collection by Tom Woods called Learn Austrian Economics. With some basic resources to start your very own paradigm shift… Copyrighted under Creative Commons…


Sunday Song(s)

The Dirtyheads – Lay Me Down

Cee-Lo Green – It’s OK

The whole CD is pretty pretty pretty sweet.

Billy Currington – Everything

Not the best video but hey.


to one of the more gifted musicians of this era. I have a list of four people I NEED to see in concert before I die, and Amy Winehouse was number one. Cross that off the list… She was found dead in her apartment in London today. This is why you don’t do drugs, kids.Sad.…