Contra Voting

I, like many potential voters my age, am frustrated. I am frustrated with a system that disallows meaningful dissent except by way of voting for a man who is 95% identical to his “radical” “opponent.” I am frustrated with those who believe there is a large difference between the two candidates, but more than that,…

Senior woman counting savings money.

Malthusian Myth Still Damages Our Economy

The idea that the world is overpopulated has always had a ring of eugenics and hypocrisy to me. If Malthusians believed their own rhetoric, as Walter Block notes, the problem would solve itself in Darwinian fashion: Even its advocates do not take it seriously. If one were seriously worried about overpopulation, the advocate of that…


In Pursuit of Virtue – September Edition

GO! Thesis: there is no good argument for democracy; it is all faith. “Fascist” is a pretty common political insult in modern times. But it seems we do have our own Hitler-isms that fewer and fewer people are ashamed of any more. For example: He suspended the gold standard, embarked on huge public works programs…