Blood Money

War prosperity is like the prosperity that an earthquake or a plague brings. – Mises Many Americans, lay and economic professionals, believe that war is good for the economy. Here we have a circumstance in which people believe that on one hand, war is good (because it helps the economy), while on the other, it…


Neoconservative Takedown

Tom Woods gives your lecture of the week this week, which I would recommend sending to all of your conservative friends who will listen. In it, Woods explains how a warfare state is necessarily a growth in government at home, and why neoconservativism is nothing but neoliberalism. Enjoy: On a related note, that Kony 2012…


The Irrationality of Politics

Your lecture of the week this week is Michael Huemer on the way in which thinking about politics makes us suddenly stupid: I can’t say I agree at the end there. When the entire media gives a very limited spectrum of acceptable opinion, it is probably the case that everyone is misinformed, not just one…


Multiplier Effect THIS!

Study: Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been wholly bad for the economy. Mainstream economics, that posits that for every government dollar spent the effect will be as if several dollars have been spent, cannot account for this study’s results. But common sense can. When you spend money and resources building a $2 million missile…


NeoConservatives = Progressives

If you are a conservative of the modern stripe, like men such as Gingrich, Romney, Perry, Santorum, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Coulter, or a million other political talking heads, you are a progressive. The 12 reasons why: One must rabidly advocate “small government,” but blindly embrace a huge military as a part of the same government. On…