Know Your Fallacies

Your lecture of the week this week is one explaining various logical fallacies and how to spot and avoid them. Once you have a list memorized, you will begin to see these everywhere and realize how few arguments for this policy, that religion, those values are sound and valid…

Bush = Obama = Romney = The Next Guy

After being confronted yesterday with a challenge to explain why Romney will not be any better than Obama, I thought it was time to prepare a good case, get a few sources, and show why Romney is as big-government as Obama. In core essence, these men stand for the same policies. The difference is the…


Tolerance of All Views but Those That Oppose

Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Catholic cultural commentator and frequent author of ToTheSource, notes that our cultural perception of “tolerance” is meaningless as a value and has properties that can make it vice: We tend to treat Tolerance as if it is not just a virtue, but the virtue. What if Tolerance isn’t a virtue? What if…


In Pursuit of Virtue – July Edition

Some light, some heavy, here are things I have run across lately that are worth the note… If you run around in circles of state idiots like most of us do today, you will hear about how “taxes used to be 90% on the rich!” It isn’t true, plain and simple. Will the state’s inefficiencies…


Weekly Reflection – No Time

I was called into work today, so I won’t have time to post a weekly reflection. I’ll make it up soon…

In the meantime, here is a quote that is worth a ponder:

“False hopes are more dangerous than fears.”

Have a blessed Sunday.