If no one can appeal to justice except to government, justice will be perverted in favor of the government, constitutions and supreme courts notwithstanding. Constitutions and supreme courts are state constitutions and agencies, and whatever limitations to state action they might contain or find is invariably decided by agents of the very institution under consideration.…



In Pursuit of Virtue – February Edition, Vol. II

Let’s see what this new blog will look like for one of these babies… Tell me: if you saw a campaign lobby called “Whites for Gingrich” or “Caucasians for Santorum,” what would you think about that? It’s okay if you fit a certain vision, it seems… Cracked is right: human nature means we are in…


Virtus Anew!

Welcome to the new site! It looks very different, and will be changing even more in the coming days and weeks. I will still have all of the old content, though, so feel free to look around. These changes are all thanks to a friend I have had for a very long time. She is…