It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong

The above is the title of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s book that examines the role of personal freedom in a society where the government often punishes people for good or neutral behaviors. Watching the Fast and Furious hearings today, it strikes me that Eric Holder will never face the justice he deserves, despite his office being…


A Mirror of Western Social Morality

I hesitate to include the following raunchy rap music video, because it is pretty inappropriate. We are all adults here, though, and I will not embed such a nasty presentation, as I think a link will suffice… Pop music, rap in particular, makes a business of insulting and objectifying women in ways that can only…


An Eerie Prophesying

I received this column in an email yesterday, commenting on the insurance mandate and role of Catholics in a fallen (and accelerating downward) culture. The Church’s reaction to the mandate has been impressive to me, and I hope that waves of civil disobedience or retractions of all insurance provided to those working for Catholic entities…



A tax-funded protection agency is a contradiction in terms, and will lead to ever more taxes and less protection.

– Hoppe