Sunday Song

Blackalicious – Alphabet Aerobics To go with it, we have The Rap Board, where you can get your favorite rapper’s dumb sayings repeated to you over and over. More to come tonight; Sorry I have been so lax on posting lately. It is a full-time job looking for a job… Copyrighted under Creative Commons for…


Capitalism as Creator of Bad Effects?

Maybe not. This week’s lecture explains how the wealth generated by Capitalism allowed for familial disintegration. Interesting for sure. Does it necessitate a condemnation of capitalism? You be the judge…

(Late) Switch

Lobbyists get paid more than Congressmen because they write more laws than we do.

– Ron Paul, on the logical end of democracy

What Government Is in Its Bare Essence

Our theory is that government is a natural phenomenon, an expression of power relationships, in which some people seek to dominate others by force. These dominators gather ‘insiders’ together so that they can take money, power and status away from other people, the ‘outsiders.’ Many people think that government provides some service. That is true,…


Materialism Gets Old

Is Free Will an Illusion? This topic has arisen before on SNV, and the depths of the philosophy entailed are worth exploration if you ever have the time. The argument that we do not have free will is a slippery one though, that can be difficult to refute on its own premises. Proving a nonmathematical…