+ Don’t find fault with the person who limps or stumbles along the road, unless you have worn the shoes he wears, or struggled beneath his load. There may be stones in his shoes that hurt, though hidden away from view, or the burden he bears, placed on your back, might cause you to stumble…


The Austrians Were Right

Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxbusiness.com”>video.foxbusiness.com</a> They’ve been right about taxes. They’ve been right about drugs. They’ve been right about the warfare/police state and treason. They’ve been right about scarcity and what government adds to it. They’ve been right about regulations and the effects they have on the market. Copyrighted under Creative Commons for…


Sunday Song

Gotta offset how girly these have been lately…

Nine Inch Nails – The Becoming

Satyricon – K.I.N.G.

A Perfect Circle – When the Levee Breaks