In Pursuit of Virtue – August Edition, Volume 2

Here’s the most recent collection of random internets… Sustainable fuels for cars are a good thing. Not because of some global climate change conspiracy, but rather because a reliance on fuel that lies outside the borders of the country occupies import status that could be used for other goods. The best solution I have seen…



Time to calm down re: that last post and give a taste of why this sweet man is unlike so many others. Being a “politician” is never a compliment, especially coming from me. But somehow, Paul is political and tactful in explaining ideas that people don’t often encounter, and he is a master politician in…


Progressivism Is Totalitarian

Progressive ideals require government enforcement of several notions that oppose human nature. For example, equality (meaning “sameness” in leftist circles) requires the coercive hindering of some and the unnatural aid of others. Erasing economic disparity requires taking money by force from a person who worked to earn it and giving it to someone else. Government…


The Myth [& Danger] of American Exceptionalism

A lecture by Howard Zinn, whose domestic policies always fell short to me but whose foreign policy cannot be stressed enough: Not only is it a myth that Americanism is exceptional, but it is also a myth that when we send our soldiers abroad they are spreading freedom or democracy – the two probably being…



Patriotism is being carried to insane excess. I know men who do not love God because He is a foreigner.

– Samuel Clemens Longhorn