Banana Republic (No, Not the Store)

Is the United States now a Banana Republic? Generally, four qualifications apply: Profits Privatized and Debts Socialized Devalued Paper Currency Politicians Use Time in Office to Maximize Their Own Gains Corruption Remains Unchecked, Politicians Are Only for Show You tell me… [Wikipedia edited the four qualifications out of its previous version. Wonder what that’s about…]…


In Pursuit of Virtue – August Edition; Vol. 1.1

Things are moving fast this week, so here is a redux of the aggregate post a few days ago… Costs of War dot org gives us some disturbing numbers concerning the human and financial toll Afghanistan and Iraq have taken on the world. Everyone extolling the virtues of the two [main] wars should examine this…


College Conspiracy

This week’s lecture of the week is a conjecturous little documentary called College Conspiracy, about the past, present, and future of college education. It has a good deal of assertions that are taken for granted (and plenty that I can find to disagree with), but the overall theme – that college education is becoming a…



Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.

– Voltaire

The 10 Commandments of America

Americans have their own religion, propagated by the media and political class. The American virtues underlying these commandments are self-interest, consumption, and instant gratification. These commandments are not to be questioned, and doing so will grant you an immediate label of idiot or dissident fool… From the Altucher Confidential (slightly paraphrased): 1. Own a home.…