"AWWWWWWWW" Video (x 3)

A marriage proposal using a mural seems like too much work to me:

(Akon is so catchy!)

What is your biggest regret? – 50 people in the U.K.:

I like these snapshots of humanity.

I feel.. I feel… I feel… I FEEL HAPPY OF MYSELF!:

As Promised

Here is some more Tom Woods, discussing drug legalization and the economic waste and danger to persons it poses:

With an on-the-ground approach, Glenn Greenwald explains how the decriminalization of drugs in Portugal has gone:

In Pursuit of Virtue – June Edition, Volume II

All the things you need to know for the second time this month… For the first, I will direct you to another website, where there is yet more proof that the media is doing a very poor job picking up large stories. Here are 12 important stories you should be hearing about. Meanwhile, nearly half…



+ To say, as the advocates of our government do, that a man must give up some of his natural rights, to a government, in order to have the rest of them protected the government being all the while the sole and irresponsible judge as to what rights he does give up, and what he…


Sunday Song

Daft Punk – Derezzed, from the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

Nonendorsement of Government Action ≠ Totally Anti-, Against, Contra, Etc.

One of the greatest fallacies of today is the fallacy that if you do not want government to do something, you are against it altogether. Drives me nuts. Here’s Bastiat: These are some of the reasons alleged by the adversaries of State intervention in what concerns the order in which citizens think their wants and…