Sunday Song

Christmas reminds me of all of the people who are far away yet still in our lives, like my cousin Colin, who got to Iraq a few days ago…

Josh Groban – I’ll Be Home for Christmas:

Reframing Our Labels

A column from LewRockwell this morning spoke to me of the true political labels that matter: Authoritarian versus Libertarian… The question isn’t whether you’re a liberal or conservative. Who can say what either of those labels means anymore? Like “Christian,” a liberal (or a conservative) can be anything he wants to be and still claim…




The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.
– Gilbert Chesterton

Wish me luck on my first final today…

Looking Down a Well that I Thought Was a Tunnel with a Light at the End

I am not fearful, but I think this country is entering ominous times. Everything of late has been geared toward increasing the State’s size and power, and it gets worse every day. What do I mean? The bailouts and stimulus packages issued by the Fed, creating money out of thin air and devaluing the dollar…