Can We Know Anything About God?

r/philosophy posted a great weekly discussion last week that theists have already taken to heart in the Via Negativa. Sharon Street, who I am beginning to love for her mere effort, is broken down for dummies: The argument that I’ll be summarizing in this thread is Street’s variation on the problem of evil from this[1]…


In Pursuit of Virtue – July Edition

Notable articles and snippets from last week abound… But who will build the roads? The free market, as it has for a very long time. Scientists have finally decoded the physics behind earphone and other ropy tangles. Absolute truth in reality versus relative experience as reality – Einstein meets Tagore. Firefighters don’t actually fight fires…


Matt Walsh

is quickly becoming tired, in the way he writes and what he writes about. It is one thing to write about content that should be addressed as often as possible, but it is another to live and die by ham-handed generalizations in an echo chamber of conservative high-fiving. I still read nearly every post he…