Other Random Snippets

(What exactly is happening here?) Here are some other random things I have come across of late in my internet surfage: Controlled for calorie differences, studies show that lessening one’s intake of meat keeps them thinner than not doing so. I think we coulda figured that one out… Tumeric in a regular diet decreases Alzheimer’s…


Politics UberPost!

Things are going down these days: How can we define the limits of tolerance? Should we tolerate intolerance? I think about this often when reading issues about Radical Islam and the left. My conclusion is kind of that we should tolerate until there is physical threat of harm or incitation of violence on property or…


Stuff That Doesn’t Take a Large Intellect To Laugh At or Enjoy

Fire extinguisher vs. flamethrower, in a music video: Physics engines can be mesmerizing: This guy scored me a LOOOOOT of points for FIFA fantasy league: Is this how the world sees Sarah Palin?: A girl who never has seen Star Wars retells it. Not particularly well, but decently un-chronologically: Cirque du Soleil’s got nothin’ on…


About Sums Up My Weekend

An American on vacation in Ireland walks into the pub. He says, “Alright, I hear you Irish can drink. I’ve got five hundred dollars here that says no one can drink ten pints of Guinness in a row.” The bar falls silent. The band stops. Everyone just stares. One guy even gets up and leaves.…



Sometimes I think we’re alone in the universe, and sometimes I think we’re not. In either case the idea is quite staggering.

– Arthur C. Clarke