Political Vids

Liberty & Economics: A Reflection on Ludwig von Mises:

My least favorite political commentator, Glenn Beck, on one of my favorite economists, Fredrich Hayek and his The Road to Serfdom:

Gone Too Long Megapost

I have never heard of it (no surprise there), but in 1962, the U.S. government exploded a hydrogen bomb in low-level space, just like one of those sci-fi movies where the aliens get blown up as soon as they leave the atmosphere, while the little humans dance around and watch the explosions in the sky.…



When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.
– Mark Twain

Sunday Song. Try Again.

The video might have been cool, but the song kinda sucked. Here is your real Sunday Song this week…

Ray Lamontaigne – Three More Days:

Sunday Song

OK Go – End Love

I don’t really like their music. But their videos are always great!