Black Gold’s Sources

Much has been made about the role that hydraulic fracturing – or fracking — has played in revolutionizing the energy landscape, unlocking vast new reserves of oil trapped in shale rock. This “tight oil” is pouring into the global pool of oil supplies at a crucial time, preventing oil prices from spiking in an age…




Deliverance by the power of God, whether from illness, travail, danger, accident, malice, and above all, death – these are hard to give ear to, let alone belief. The times are such that a far different voice than that of Peter’s angel whispers in our ear. It is the voice of presidents, judges, juntas, shahs,…



Having Children Is Immoral

From our “alternative perspectives” tag… Antinatalism: since children can’t consent to being born, it’s unethical to impose life (give birth) in a world in which the potential for great suffering exists. Having children means gambling with the welfare of someone else. It means conducting Frankenstein experiments you can’t control in which someone else pays the…