Pertinent Politicals

If the corruption of the government has not been adequately displayed to you during the healthcare discourse, maybe Obama’s lies will show you otherwise: Richard Epstein had a great WSJ article last week about the coercive measures of the new healthcare plan. Essentially, insurance is no longer insurance. It is government-mandated private charity… The sad…


TEDdy Bear

Adam Savage from MythBusters on his obsessions and the dodo bird: ANDDDDDD… More Rewards = Less Motivation. This study reminds me of another where teachers who were paid more did not necessarily do a better job at teaching the material, many times actually doing a worse job than their lesser-paid counterparts: So far, the research…


Today’s Basics

JJ Abrams, creator of Lost, Star Trek, and Cloverfield, on the mystery box: Chances your spouse will cheat: Is he cheating? Is she cheating? Tied to emotions of doubt, sadness, suspicion, and anger—at some point this question has crossed the mind of almost anyone who has ever been in love. Although it seems nearly universal…


STEDy as She Goes

The world’s most famous neuroscientist on your brain: What if LeBron accepted a salary of $1 a year?: Global icon? Champion for the ages? Consummate team player? If these are indeed LeBron James’s goals, then he’s going about free agency all wrong. Instead of thinking big, he should think bigger. Instead of modeling himself after…


Sidepane Switch

Now and then it occurs to one to reflect upon what slender threads of accident depend the most important circumstances of his life; to look back and shudder, realizing how close to the edge of nothingness his being has come.
– Upton Sinclair


Today’s TED + Study

Why you needn’t worry about dying in a terrorist attack: Over the past decade, according to BTS, there have been 99,320,309 commercial airline departures that either originated or landed within the United States. Dividing by six, we get one terrorist incident per 16,553,385 departures. These departures flew a collective 69,415,786,000 miles. That means there has…