Ash Wednesday

Couldn’t find the embed link, but this one is worth it:

Internet Memes I Have Not Yet Posted, Part 2…

Don’t tase me bro: The landlord: The Landlord from Will Ferrell Pet penguin, trained to go to the market for a Japanese family: Tom Cruise kills Oprah: Tom Cruise on Scientology: Huh?: Magicians get all the hott chicks: Hitler plans a Burning Man: Look at that horse: No me gusta: HA: Ew: ROA[sneeze]RRRR!: Technoviking: Idiot:…


Internet Memes I Haven’t Posted Yet…

Walker told me I have AIDS: Diet coke & mentos: ANNOYING: Peanut butter jelly time!: WTF is Yatta?: Stupid: He’s back!: Nerd Joke – All your base…: Skateboarding Dog: Angry Winnebago man (watch language, he’s angryyyyyyyyyyy): DUH: Great ad: Christian the lion: HA: Kid breakdancing: If you slow it down a bit, video makes people…



Stats Fail/Nancy Grace Sucks:

I love this:

Get the new Lily Allen CD.

I dig this:
“There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way.” — Christopher Morley


I have called myself a moderate for a long time… To clear things up, here are my positions on the major issues, with a VERY small synopsis of why I take the stance I do (for more, inquire….): [L=Liberal, C=Conservative, Mixed=both or neither] Abortion: AGAINST (human life is sacred; see far previous post) C Death Penalty:…


Monday Tuesday…

Today sucks. so here….

Nice Dance:

He’s OK:

Him too:

Hopeless Generation: