DeskWalls (287)


“In such a time the perverse logic of power dictates that people such as us must be hunted down and locked away. We who are without weapons or riches or a stake in this world has become a danger to the Masters of the kingdom of death. . . . On the other hand, one…



Objective Morality, Part II

The second and final part of the brief exploration of moral relativism and its opposite occurs below. Some of the explanation overlaps and repeats, but this iteration will be an attempt to build a positive case for morality being rooted in objective truth. Note of course, that culpability and absolute moral wrong are each not…



Ways Cops View the World

Just know when you speak to the police, that their angle is VERY different from yours… 1.) Even though you say differently, you probably don’t know your rights. 2.) If you leave your teenager in charge of the house while you go away for the weekend, he or she will probably do something you forbade…