Forgot -‘of-the-day’!

Get on these for a good time: A really good short story: Real, Ultimate Power: And get the song Parasites by Ugly Casanova. It is creepycatchy. With emphasis on the creepy. But also on the catchy(?). And Ugly Casanova is a former band composed of none other than the Issaquah-native members of now-Modest Mouse. Word,…


Three Weeks Until My First Final…

Gossip in the Grain by Ray Lamontagne. Maybe even better than his other albums. Don’t know if I mentioned it yet, but you need it…


Tornadoooooo punch!:

Waiting on the World to Change…

Music you need to get (it’s a self titled extravaganza!) – Vampire Weekend’s self titled album. Their first, only and best. Taylor Swift’s Fearless. The song That Green Gentleman by Panic! at the Disco. (This whole CD, Pretty Odd, is one of my favorites of all time…) After you watch season 1 of Flight of…


Today Will Be a Good Day.

The hazards of being a reporter:

F*ck it! F*ck it!:

Beauty is nothing without brains:

Even better than the first time (gets crazy at 40 secs):

And finally, a little patriotism…:

Only A Month Of School Left!

Italian soccer practice:

Lil’ Bill-O on the elections:

Shit, I could do this!:

I heart physics:

I wish all raps were about mediocrity (watch language):

Holy moley:


Praise the Warriors Day

Alright, alright, I am really bad at posting every day. So sue me, I am busy. And sick. Get Ray Lamontagne’s new album Gossip in the Grain and Carolina Liar’s Coming to Terms. You can’t live without them, and you’ll love them. Good dayyyyyyyy! Today’s song is Pa Maite by Carlos Vives. Just to remind…



Real post to follow soon; I have been a busy little bee.